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Site Rules
« on: July 17, 2017, 09:51:04 AM »
These are the general rules that all members of the forum are expected to abide by, in addition to our terms of service:

Overall Behavior

We expect post, replies and discussions to be of a constructive and positive nature that is intended to help your fellow gambler thrive in the casinos. 

We view that Trolling, a person that intentionally sows discord in the forums by starting arguments and upsetting people, to be defined by the Admins as:

  • Persistently degrading other members though name calling and making unsupported accusations
  • Persistently takes a negative contrary position only to create arguments and create emotional reaction.
  • Incites others to harass, intimidate or cause grief to another memberships

The Admins understand that disagreements and contrary opinions occur and heated discussions will happen, however there are particular signatures and styles of a Troll that we will be on the look out for, and take action when we see them.

People that exhibit odd, creepy, or otherwise disturbing behavior that tend to disrupt the conversations or the community in general, will be evaluated on a case by case note, and we the Admin team will take action.

Selling, Advertising and promoting
Member may post ads that sell, advertise and promote products and services that are within the topic of the discussion category.  Below is the guideline on how to post an Advert:
  • Must start a new Topic with a title that clearly labels and defines your advert.
  • The advert must clearly state what you are selling or promoting
  • Links in the advert must go to a sign-up or purchase page for what the advert is about
  • The advert must have a means to contact the seller or promoter
  • No personal donations or investment ads!

Advertisements will be deleted and the user possibly banned/moderated if:
  • Advert is ambiguous or misleading
  • Links in the ad go to a spam page, or malware page
  • No contact information is provided.
  • The advert is appearing to be a scam; illegal investments or pirate wares.

Spam and Flooding
Members who sign up and solely post ads that are off-topic and not fitting in the catatory discussion that the message is in (spam), and post the same post in more than forum (flooding) will have the messages removed and will either be moderated or banned.

No Multiple Accounts
One account per person.  More than one account (sock puppets) coming from the same IP address may result in all suspected multiple accounts being banned. 

Links to off-site within messages
Your post, replies and otherwise messages may contain links to off-site content as long as the link is within the topic of the discussion or the category that the discussion is in.  Links that are clearly SPAM will be deleted and the member posting such links may be banned

No Doxxing
Do not reveal private personal details of members. If your private personal details have been revealed by another member, please report the offending post to bring it to our attention.

These rules are subjected to changes, so refer to this page regularly